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Following Jesus Children's Bible Study Series

The children's Bible study series, Following Jesus, features original artwork and lesson plans by Kara Glott. This superbly done material is designed to give the children insight into the inner man, with an emphasis on becoming like Jesus. Ideal for the teacher that wishes to build in children, early in life, some of the fundamentals of real Christianity, in simple terms that children can understand.

Chart (39KB)

Lesson 1 Following Jesus (3MB)

Lesson 2 Growing in Our Inner Man (88MB)

Lesson 3 Knowledge (7.8MB)

Lesson 4 Soberness (31MB)

Lesson 5 Temperance (2MB)

Lesson 6 Willingness (7MB)

Lesson 7 Faith (8MB)

Lesson 8 Compassion (4MB)

Lesson 9 Gentleness (5MB)

Lesson 10 Longsuffering (5MB)

Lesson 11 Selflessness (4.8MB)

Lesson 12 Mercy (4.5MB)

Lesson 13 Boldness (4.8MB)

Lesson 14 Goodness (4.3MB)

Lesson 15 Kindness (4.8MB)

Lesson 16 Subjection (4MB)

Lesson 17 Mercy (3.9MB)

Lesson 18 Lowliness (5MB)

Lesson 19 Brotherly Love (4.6MB)

Lesson 20 Peace (7MB)

Lesson 21 Love of Mankind (6.8MB)

Lesson 22 Zeal (6.8MB)

Lesson 23 Wisdom (3.2MB)

Lesson 24 Understanding (40MB)

Lesson 25 Singlemindedness (4.6MB)

Lesson 26 Humility (3MB)

Lesson 27 Faithfulness (3.4MB)

Lesson 28 Obedience (3.8MB)

Lesson 29 Forbearance (3.4MB)

Lesson 30 Truthfulness (4MB)

Lesson 31 Virtue (4.4MB)

Lesson 32 Love of Enemies (10MB)

Lesson 33 Discretion (4MB)

Lesson 34 Patience (4.6MB)

Lesson 35 Meekness (3.8MB)

Lesson 36 Forgiveness (3MB)

Lesson 37 The End of the Commandment (76.8MB)

Lesson 38 Christ, Our Savior (0.3MB)

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